Definition of bodysuit in English:



  • A close-fitting one-piece stretch garment for women, worn typically for sporting activities.

    • ‘But now, rather than the thin black dress, she was dressed head to toe in a black bodysuit that seemed to absorb the light around it.’
    • ‘A bodysuit emblazoned with stars, appears alongside 70s style pinstripe suits and spaghetti strap dresses which are either opaque and bold, or plain black and transparent.’
    • ‘When bodysuits first made ‘a big splash’ several years ago, they created quite a bit of controversy and debate.’
    • ‘Two girls in skintight red and white bodysuits slinked by, to the cheers of the crowd.’
    • ‘The definition states, ‘A full bodysuit or costume is one that extends below the knees or covers any part of the arms.’’
    • ‘Much more than race strategy, the new hi-tech bodysuits developed by several swimsuit manufacturers have captured the imagination of the general public, journalists and swimmers alike.’
    • ‘Ten semi-finalists will be announced on the day of the event and will be judged based in three categories: interview, bodysuits and evening dress.’
    • ‘She wore an ivory bodysuit with ivory leotards on her legs.’
    • ‘I had hoped the many important lessons of the leotard and/or the snap-crotch bodysuit had long been learned.’
    • ‘Wear a bodysuit instead of a regular blouse on the plane - it won't ride up and come untucked, looking rumpled.’
    • ‘The first year of the new century saw an unprecedented bounty of world records as well as continued heated controversy over the issues of illegal drugs and the new, high-tech bodysuits.’
    • ‘Of course, as any yoga teacher worth his or her pork loins will remind you, true yoga has nothing to do with looking good in a Lycra bodysuit.’
    • ‘Hannah watches her and pulls on a sweatshirt to cover the top of her damp bodysuit.’
    • ‘Dressed in dark blue one-piece bodysuits, they wore black vests, gloves and boots, with black helmets that covered their faces with a smooth mirrored silver visor.’
    • ‘It is this premise that is the cornerstone of his recent policy on restricting the use of bodysuits outside of trials or major international meets.’
    • ‘Undaunted, the fledgling entrepreneur returned to Los Angeles, where she took her original bathing suit blocks and spun out an entire line of sexy, skin-tight bodysuits, cat suits, leggings and dresses.’
    • ‘Below in the locker rooms, Namir had just finished her stretches and pre-battle meditation, and was zipping herself into her camouflage bodysuit.’
    • ‘Therefore, our general conclusion is that the introduction of the bodysuits had no statistically measurable effect on swim performances at the 2000 Trials.’
    • ‘The entire final heat wore the highly-touted bodysuits, and all but one wore the long-legged model.’
    • ‘Our kneeling hero is basically wearing a one-piece bodysuit with boots and a headband.’