Definition of bodyshell in English:



  • The metal frame of a motor or railway vehicle, to which the metal panels are attached.

    • ‘It handles well thanks to its rigid bodyshell and all-independent suspension, which make it a particularly agile car.’
    • ‘The first ML had a separate chassis frame but the new model uses a bodyshell like that on a conventional car.’
    • ‘The bodyshell is made from glass-fibre composite, although a stronger and lighter carbon-fibre alternative is offered.’
    • ‘This adds at least 25 per cent to the torsional stiffness of the bodyshell, making it a really stable platform for the uprated suspension.’
    • ‘Larger front bumpers and complex surface headlamps give the Boxer its new look but the bodyshell is greatly strengthened and more attention has been paid to impact protection.’
    • ‘The inherent rigidity of the steel bodyshell enhances the new 3 Series safety levels.’
    • ‘The only items that come into the plant direct are the bodyshells that come on trucks from Volkswagen's plant in Mosel.’
    • ‘The one-piece bodyshell weighs just 25 kg and uses a new type of carbon fibre that only requires curing in a low bake oven rather than the traditional autoclave.’
    • ‘Rattles and squeaks are a thing of the past thanks to a 15% torsionally stiffer bodyshell, plus many changes to comply with both latest Euro and US safety regulations.’
    • ‘By modern standards, you got very little beyond an engine and a bodyshell.’
    • ‘This new sedan is the first Jaguar production vehicle with an aluminum bodyshell.’
    • ‘A stiffer bodyshell is a good starting point for the Porsche chassis gurus to work their suspension magic, although the choice of 19-inch wheels might be a questionable one for Brit buyers.’
    • ‘Before the painted bodyshell heads for the assembly lines, it is baked to ensure the finish is as durable and as scratch-resistant as possible.’
    • ‘When they put the grille together and then tried fitting it into the bodyshell, it just didn't fit.’
    • ‘The new car is higher, wider and longer than its predecessor and with a bodyshell 12 per cent stiffer it is also the stiffest in its class.’
    • ‘The bodyshell itself is the stiffest in the segment, claims Mercedes-Benz, and yet at just 437 kg the new model is no heavier than the previous one.’
    • ‘There a bare Focus bodyshell is strengthened with the addition of a roll cage (a metal skeleton encasing the driver and co-driver) and other supports.’