Definition of body shot in English:

body shot


  • 1Originally Hunting. A gunshot to the body, especially as opposed to the head. Also as a mass noun: shot which has lodged in the body of an animal.

  • 2Originally and chiefly Boxing. A blow to the body; = "body blow".

  • 3A photograph or sequence of film of a person's entire body, rather than just the head.

  • 4US. A shot of tequila which is preceded by salt licked from the body of a partner and followed by a bite of a wedge of lime (or lemon) held in the partner's mouth. Also: a quantity of any alcoholic drink (especially a spirit) consumed from part of another person's body.


Mid 19th century. From body + shot.


body shot

/ˈbɒdi ʃɒt/