Definition of body shaming in English:

body shaming


  • [mass noun] The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size:

    ‘she is not the only celebrity to speak up about body shaming’
    • ‘This incident is a disgusting display of sexism and body shaming.’
    • ‘However, the reality TV veteran still gets her fair share of body shaming - for not having any cosmetic enhancements.’
    • ‘Body shaming is body shaming, regardless of whether it is directed at curvy girls or skinny girls.’
    • ‘Favoring a particular body type fosters body shaming, eating disorders and depression in young, impressionable women.’
    • ‘Instead, the teen stood up to body shaming by happily posing for a photograph - in front of the hurtful graffiti.’
    • ‘Body shaming is awful and people hide behind social media.’
    • ‘Is this kind of guilt tripping and body shaming really the best way to shift your products?’
    • ‘However, body shaming and cheap, provocative attempts to increase site traffic have drowned out your pro-women message.’
    • ‘But the mother of 6 didn't take the body shaming sitting down.’


  • Expressing mockery or criticism about a person's body shape or size:

    ‘the singer has been dealing not only with heartache but with nasty body-shaming comments’
    ‘an Internet campaign against body-shaming bullies’
    • ‘She posted an emotional message on her Instagram feed to speak out against body-shaming commenters.’
    • ‘As someone who can speak from multiple sides of the body-shaming epidemic, I thought my insight might prove helpful.’
    • ‘A mass demonstration was planned against the advert over claims that it was body-shaming.’
    • ‘She said the body-shaming episode is evidence that stereotyping and bias against women politicians are still real issues.’
    • ‘The common denominator in all these body-shaming stories is that they're all about women.’
    • ‘Many were outraged over the campaign's seemingly body-shaming language.’
    • ‘Don't do body-shaming stories and focus on gossip that isn't tied to a weight gain or loss.’
    • ‘She was criticized by body-shaming haters on the internet after she was photographed wearing a bikini and appearing to have gained a little bit of weight.’
    • ‘Luckily, the singer doesn't really care what anyone thinks (remember when she responded to those horrible body-shaming tweets?).’
    • ‘When a US site outed her unaltered images and tried to slam her for having cellulite, she refused to be the butt of their body-shaming jibes.’