Definition of body piercing in English:

body piercing


  • 1mass noun The piercing of holes in parts of the body other than the ear in order to insert rings, studs, or other pieces of jewellery.

    ‘there are strict laws governing body piercing and we make regular checks of all establishments which offer this service’
    • ‘A Waterford tattooist is calling on the Government to provide regulations on tattooing and body piercing to ensure the health and safety of the public.’
    • ‘Because there are no government safety regulations when it comes to tattooing and body piercing, the folks in the industry have developed their own health safety standards.’
    • ‘Ironically, it was during the Victorian era that the practice of body piercing in the Western world reemerged.’
    • ‘Environmental health officers say there is a risk of infection or injury for customers and workers at body piercing shops if safe practices are not followed.’
    • ‘Intravenous drug use, nasal cocaine, body piercing, tattoos, acupuncture, ear piercing, or sharing razors or toothbrushes of infected victims are means of transmission.’
    • ‘Inquire as to how long the piercing operator has been performing body piercing.’
    • ‘Although many people claim that body piercing does not hurt, the fact is that it is against the law for the piercer to give you an anaesthetic injection before the procedure.’
    • ‘The destructive relationship which follows places Tracy at odds with her mother, while also thrusting her into a world of underage sex, drugs, body piercing, and drinking.’
    • ‘We cannot serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18, so why should we allow body piercing to be done on children?’
    • ‘We might ask, then, if contemporary Western forms such as tattooing and body piercing have roots in non-Western cultural forms or whether they are wholly new creations that reflect Africa in the Western imagination.’
    • ‘Promoting body piercing, tattooing, art installations, they defined resistance to the growing corporate rock dinosaur, which punk was attempting to overthrow.’
    1. 1.1count noun A hole pierced in a part of the body other than the ear in order to insert a ring, stud, or other piece of jewellery.
      ‘the healing time required for a body piercing varies’
      • ‘The tattoo parlour will donate half of its takings from customers who request a body piercing tomorrow.’
      • ‘About 20 percent of body piercings result in infection, according to the Journal of Clinical Dermatology.’
      • ‘She spoke about presenting her TV special Bodyshock, in which she talks to people who regret body piercings.’
      • ‘The Governor signed a bill Monday that requires written parental consent in order for a minor to obtain a body piercing.’
      • ‘If you are having a body piercing done, make sure it is by a professional who has done this before.’
    2. 1.2count noun A ring, stud, or other piece of jewellery worn in a pierced part of the body.
      ‘remove body piercings before security screening’
      • ‘The actor, as the warlike Persian king Xerxes, sports more bling and body piercings than your average rapper and his entourage.’
      • ‘Students are not allowed to have visible body piercings, including tongue piercings, while on campus or at any school-sponsored activity.’
      • ‘Visible body piercing must be removed with the exception of one small earring in each ear and a small stud nose piecing.’
      • ‘Jewelry is a status symbol, too - think Rolex watches in some circles and body piercings in others, or both.’
      • ‘There are numerous online sites dedicated to stylish body piercings and e-store products.’


body piercing