Definition of body lift in English:

body lift


  • A cosmetic surgical operation to remove or improve the appearance of loose skin or sagging flesh on various areas of the body.

    ‘the body lift is a more radical procedure than a traditional tummy tuck’
    • ‘And, I would like to get rid of - I'd like a body lift because I'm - I just don't like the skin.’
    • ‘After bariatric surgery, or surgery for obesity, when there's a lot of skin fold rolling extra, then the surgery would be much more extensive: a body lift, a tummy tuck and an extended scar.’
    • ‘He has pioneered what he calls the total body lift.’
    • ‘There's all that self-mutilation that happens, too, like facelifts and body lifts and God-knows-what-else lifts.’
    • ‘In December, he performed an abdominoplasty (commonly called a tummy tuck), a lower body lift and a medial thigh lift.’
    • ‘Body lift makes tighter the affected regions and tones by retexturing the skin and reinforcing the network.’
    • ‘"I would try every new procedure for face and body lifts."’
    • ‘A slab of jiggling meat and fat is removed from a patient getting a full body lift.’
    • ‘Other names for this procedure include torsoplasty, circumferential torsoplasty, body lift, and circumferential lipectomy.’
    • ‘She submits to a body lift after already undergoing gastric bypass surgery.’
    • ‘A range of beauty treatments can also be had—anything from deep cleansing to a body lift, which is "the ultimate lifting treatment for abdomen, buttocks and breast."’
    • ‘The surgeon charges between $8,000 and $12,000 for a tummy tuck-lower body lift combo and between $10,000 and $15,000 for an upper body lift.’
    • ‘Most interesting: Many women who want to have their breasts reshaped during a total body lift do it without the use of implants.’
    • ‘In 2004, more than 98,000 breast lifts, 5,900 buttock lifts, 15,000 lower body lifts, 13,000 thigh lifts and 17,000 upper arm lifts were performed, according to ASAPS.’
    • ‘In the past year buttock lifts, thigh, upper arm and lower body lifts, all of which are common procedures for contouring the body after losing a large amount of weight, increased significantly.’
    • ‘She has had a 'tummy tuck, body lift, lipo on my hips, butt lift, thigh lift, facelift, eyelid lift, breast lift' and is such an evangelist for enhancements that she had her last round of Botox injections on television.’
    • ‘A month ago the homemaker underwent a six-hour operation that included a tummy tuck, a lower body lift and liposuction.’