Definition of body fascism in English:

body fascism


mass noun
  • Prejudice or discrimination based on a person's weight and appearance.

    ‘there have also been complaints about gender discrimination and body fascism in elite sport’
    • ‘She punctuated her career with asides about the 'body fascism' of television bosses.’
    • ‘She will not escape the body fascism that pervades the modern media.’
    • ‘My piece was an attack on body fascism and a plea for tolerance of an infinite variety of body types.’
    • ‘The media are rightly criticised for 'body fascism', and placing too much attention on size 10 supermodels.’
    • ‘The canonization of the hero-athlete by sculptors also amounts to a sort of 'body fascism'.’
    • ‘Did you worry that losing weight was caving into body fascism or some other idea about beauty and what's attractive?’
    • ‘Her success was seen as a heart-warming populist victory against the body fascism visible in hip hop videos.’
    • ‘He is not out to truly challenge the body fascism of ballet institutions.’
    • ‘The founders of the blog have said that "women's magazines nowadays constitute a minefield of body fascism".’