Definition of body English in English:

body English


mass nounNorth American
  • 1Follow-through movement after throwing or hitting a ball.

    ‘when Fisk hit that dramatic home run, it was moving to see him using body English to try to keep it from going foul’
    • ‘He rarely got up except to offer some body English for long-range shots and to implore his troops to ‘Go!’’
    • ‘This will often require substantial patience, careful alignment, and a bit of body English.’
    • ‘His booming voice was complemented by a genius for body English.’
  • 2

    ‘the President used voice tonality and body English to imply indirectly that he was concerned about racism’
    another term for body language
    • ‘The scene where Mrs. Nelson confronts Emma is superbly acted out with very little dialogue between the two women, but primarily with body English and facial expressions.’