Definition of body double in English:

body double


  • A stand-in for a film actor used during stunt or nude scenes.

    • ‘In this modern age of computer-generated body doubles and talking donkeys, I don't think anyone could frighten me as much as Gilliam did, the first time I saw one of his rag-wearing, baby-faced homunculi.’
    • ‘They lost six of the President's private guards, two of which were his body doubles.’
    • ‘In Undisputed, both Rhames and Snipes march towards their inevitable slugfest, an unadulterated punchout that demanded both actors work out with professional trainers since Hill wouldn't use any body doubles.’
    • ‘The body doubles are so obvious, they might as well have held up big signs saying, ‘Look, I'm a body double.’’
    • ‘Put those fragments together and you get Kim Novak as her own body double in Hitchcock's most touching ode to fetish and scopophilia.’
    • ‘Forty years earlier, we watch as Janet Leigh's body double for the shower scene in Psycho falls under the intense scrutiny of the movie-maker himself.’
    • ‘He was using body doubles, thankfully, so there are only a few scenes where I'm seen in a somewhat compromised position or in a very compromised position.’
    • ‘When Shanley was released on $300,000 bail the following December, after seven months in jail, his lawyer used a body double to divert the media frenzy.’
    • ‘Unless she had a body double doing the pushing for her while she polished her Oscar in a nearby Winnebago, she should have been doing nothing more strenuous than lifting a cup of tea and playing pass the baby with her nearest and dearest.’
    • ‘Martin Bayfield, the former Bedford rugby club player, is appearing in the Harry Potter movie as a body double for Robbie Coltrane, as Hagrid the giant.’
    • ‘Keenly anticipated as the last genuine Bruce Lee film, it proved to be a clumsy combination of original Lee material, footage of his funeral and a laughable succession of body doubles.’
    • ‘Talking of doubles, Torpey is going to be a body double for actor Austin Bussey in the tennis sequences for a film called Wimbledon, which is being shot at The All England Club and Shepperton Studios in August and September.’
    • ‘In the film, a body double was used to shoot nude scenes of Manisha, apparently without her consent.’
    • ‘He even let his wife, former model, Helen Labdon, choose a body double for him during some of the orgy scenes, confessing to Entertainment Weekly that she ‘went a little bigger than I would have’.’
    • ‘Kurosawa plays the role of both Shingen and the body double, imitating himself in order to re-claim what he had lost.’
    • ‘The film begins with the disclaimer stating that the cinema constructs a fictional space and that the actress is substituted by a body double in many of the scenes.’
    • ‘Wigs, body doubles, and computer effects enable him to appear as several different characters in a given tableau, always looking uncannily like a boy on the edge of puberty.’
    • ‘Patricia admits to starring in the movie, but denies simulating sex, saying a body double was used for the sex and nude scenes.’
    • ‘Marvel as Anne Archer is given a nude body double that looks more like a hairy Sasquatch than our elegant actress.’
    • ‘There would be a topless scene of the actress, which would be done by a body double.’
    stand-in, understudy, substitute
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body double