Definition of body corporate in English:

body corporate


  • formal term for corporation
    • ‘The landlord is a body corporate formed pursuant to the Conservation Authorities Act.’
    • ‘They are the only matters we are hearing at the moment, the ones with the body corporate.’
    • ‘The composition of the authority changes with elections, but the Local Government Act 1972 lays down that each authority is a body corporate that exists in perpetuity.’
    • ‘First a publication or solicitation by the Chancellor, a Master or a Scholar acting in a private capacity will not constitute a publication or solicitation by the body corporate, the University.’
    • ‘Airservices is a body corporate which, while it is charged with the performance of what may be classed as governmental functions, is not part of the executive government of the Commonwealth.’
    • ‘The Commission may by licence authorise a body corporate to run the National Lottery.’
    • ‘A relative of mine who chairs a body corporate told me about some recent curly situations, where he was unclear about where the body corporate's responsibilities began and ended.’
    • ‘There was applause today at the Alice Springs Court House as Justice Olney finally announced the registration of the Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation as the prescribed body corporate dealing with native title issues in the town.’
    • ‘Owners will no longer face the risk of having their homes attached and sold in execution because other owners in their scheme have defaulted on their levies and left the body corporate unable to pay its debts to a local authority.’
    • ‘The Agency is a body corporate established under the Environment Act 1995.’
    • ‘So, you are attributing to a body corporate a purpose?’
    • ‘Will the Minister take a call and substantiate why the flagship policy arising from that decision should be the establishment of a body corporate to run a television service, as is embodied by this bill?’
    • ‘These peculiar arrangements cannot be said of themselves to cause the Bank to conduct monetary and other policy any differently than if the Bank were like many other central banks, a body corporate constituted by statute.’
    • ‘Even where the shares of a company are closely held, the purpose of the body corporate are not synonymous with the intentions of the person or persons in control.’
    • ‘But, your Honour, we would say a body corporate, an incorporated legal practice, is not properly described as a ‘firm of practitioners’.’
    • ‘There shall be a body corporate called the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.’
    • ‘Employers are also targeted by an increase in fines for breaches of the Holidays Act, from $500 to as much as $10,000 for a company or a body corporate.’
    • ‘Today they pay a levy to a body corporate, which manages the complex, much like the management of time shares or blocks of flats.’
    • ‘Registration causes the society so registered to be a body corporate, able to sue and be sued in its own name, with perpetual succession and enjoying limited liability.’
    • ‘The Montserrat Tourist Board was formed as a body corporate under the 1993 Ordinance and is concerned with developing and promoting all aspects of the tourist industry.’