Definition of body clock in English:

body clock


  • A person's or animal's biological clock.

    ‘jet lag is the consequence of a mismatch between our body clock and the external timing’
    • ‘Melatonin resets the body clock to synchronize metabolic functions with times of activity and rest.’
    • ‘I've been having quite a few late nights lately, and my body clock is totally screwed, so my internal alarm only just kicked in.’
    • ‘Going to bed later will help you break the pattern your body clock has established.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet light also activates solitrol, a skin hormone that works in conjunction with melatonin to produce changes in mood and regulate the body clock.’
    • ‘Crossing the international date line to get there plays havoc with your body clock.’
    • ‘The flight home was 31 hours and I'm finding it hard now because my body clock is all out.’
    • ‘We are creating a conflict between what we want to do, and what our internal timekeeper - the body clock - prepares us for.’
    • ‘Jet lag occurs, I learned, because changes in time zones confuse our internal body clock or our ‘circadian rhythms’; profound biorhythms which date back to Stone Age man.’
    • ‘Hamed had argued he needed to be able to use his private gym at all hours to adjust his body clock to specific times elsewhere in the world when training for fights.’
    • ‘One theory suggests that people with SAD respond to this decrease in light by secreting a hormone called melatonin which slows down the body clock, and affects sleeping and mood patterns.’
    • ‘Though her watch told her that it was fifteen twenty three, her body clock was completely screwed up after the torturous shuttle flight from Mars and then the LG Transports across the Moon.’
    • ‘Drugs tend to affect the internal body clock and those on amphetamines like Speed are likely to count far too fast while cannabis users are expected to go too slowly.’
    • ‘I am excited to read that scientists have worked out how the body clock affects our daily lives.’
    • ‘Our body clock, our internal clock, is linked to the 24-hour day.’
    • ‘The bedding is also suitable for those who keep unusual hours and who travel in helping to prevent jet lag and regulate the body clock.’
    • ‘Bright electric light can shift your circadian rhythms, as your body clock is called, according to a 2001 study published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine.’
    • ‘The afternoon dip in alertness, caused by fluctuations in the body clock, a disturbed night's sleep and alcohol, increased the amount of lane drift which typifies road crashes caused by driver drowsiness.’
    • ‘The answer lies mostly in our internal body clock, which is largely determined by our genes.’
    • ‘Ecstasy damages connections in the brain which regulate the human body clock, according to a new study.’
    • ‘The body clock is clearly controlling the elaborate brain signaling system that regulates appetite.’


body clock