Definition of body blow in English:

body blow


  • 1A heavy punch to the body.

    • ‘At the time what I relished even more was the implicit invitation to return body blow for body blow.’
    • ‘He brought his hands up as an instinctive reaction, just in time for her to deliver a left body blow that took him right off his feet and flying back into the corridor wall.’
    • ‘In one amazing, weirdly off-center shot, a boxer doubling up from a body blow appears to be ascending into the surrounding void.’
    • ‘These are not people living lives of quiet desperation; these are loudmouthed drunks and stupefying dense losers who bellyache better than they can hold their liquor or take a body blow.’
    • ‘In the 6th, at 2: 05, Referee Richard Steele stopped the bout after Mitchell went down from a body blow that didn't appear devastating.’
    • ‘Troubled train company Arriva was dealt a body blow yesterday, when it was rejected as the operator of its flagship trans-Pennine service.’
    • ‘The fragile tops of them were knocked down by the body blow from the creature, sending them crashing to the ground.’
    blow, hit, knock, thump, thwack, box, jab, fist, cuff, clip, smash, slam, welt, straight, uppercut, hook
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    1. 1.1 Something that causes problems or severe disappointment; a setback.
      ‘a tax on books would be a body blow for education’
      • ‘The international working class thus lost an opportunity to deliver a body blow to the forces of reaction that could have changed the course of world history.’
      • ‘Even in the unlikely event of a speedy recovery for the Credit market, this week has imparted a heavy body blow.’
      • ‘Kendal's economy has been hit by a series of severe body blows in recent years.’
      • ‘Leitrim may have entered the arena from the underdogs corner but they soon had landed a severe body blow to the champions.’
      • ‘The minister insisted that any change in the present policy would be a body blow to the entire western region, not just in the immediate vicinity of Clare and Limerick.’
      • ‘The groups representing consumers consider it a body blow to the three defining public interest goals: diversity of views, competition, and healthy local news and commentary.’
      • ‘It's just as well that the handful of loyal Bankies fans have become well used to dealing with adversity for they had to withstand yet another body blow just minutes later.’
      • ‘The latest body blow has been the local council ruling preventing the nomads of the Northern Ford Premiership playing Swinton tomorrow at Ashton United's Hurst Cross soccer ground.’
      • ‘‘This is a body blow to consumers,’ said Allan Asher, chief executive of the consumer group.’
      • ‘It was aimed to delivering a body blow to Budget.’
      • ‘It takes some of the joy out of Spring when you know Winter is going to give you one last kidney punch and there's no telling when the body blow will land.’
      • ‘That is not to say that Paul crumbled under the pressure of defending, but he continued to miss birdie putt after birdie putt, which is akin to taking body blow after body blow until you can finally take no more and lie down.’
      • ‘Clearly, the global financial system has experienced a severe body blow, and must now be considered acutely vulnerable.’
      • ‘It occurs to me that the applicant OTFS suffered a significant body blow when the federal government withdrew federal funding from its operations.’
      • ‘But this week has seen a double body blow for the service, which recently changed its name to Cleethorpes Rescue.’
      • ‘The winners suffered a severe body blow early in the second-half when effective midfielder Brian Óg Murphy was sent to the line, but as so often happens, this served to galvanise the winners' resistance.’
      • ‘Youhanna's expulsion could be a body blow for a Pakistani team facing Australia after losing three of their four matches in the inaugural Morocco Cup earlier this month.’
      • ‘Last week, Guinness Ireland employees took a body blow when a press release announced the closure of its Dundalk Packaging and the downscaling of its Dundalk Brewing operations.’
      • ‘One year ago, the country's high-tech sector received a serious body blow when computer manufacturer Gateway announced that it was to close its European headquarters in Dublin with the loss of 900 jobs.’
      • ‘But the terrorists also landed a body blow in Canadian towns whose prosperity has long hinged on easy cross-border travel.’
      problem, difficulty, issue, hitch, complication, upset, disappointment, misfortune, mishap, piece of bad luck, unfortunate development, reversal, reverse, reverse of fortune
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body blow