Definition of body bag in English:

body bag


  • A bag used for carrying a corpse from a battlefield or the scene of an accident or crime.

    • ‘In another example, the papers allege, a soldier unzipped a body bag and took snapshots of a detainee's frozen corpse inside.’
    • ‘A former soldier, Ellwood used to supervise body exchanges in Bosnia, but he never thought he'd be opening up a body bag to identify his own brother.’
    • ‘I pulled my camera out and clicked a couple shots of the scene and a shot of the body bag being loaded into the ambulance.’
    • ‘They've been fighting a lot, and suddenly, the neighbour's wife is nowhere in sight, while the neighbour's husband is seen stuffing what appears to be a body bag into the back of his car after dark.’
    • ‘Right now I am just nothing more than a body bag with a name, address and some tangible characteristics added in.’
    • ‘I suspect, given the choice, an overwhelming majority of people would have gone for the money rather than the body bag.’
    • ‘As soon as the corpse loomed ahead, he pulled out the body bag.’
    • ‘However they imagined this end, I cannot help but seeing an image of a body bag being zipped up.’
    • ‘At that moment two officers came down the narrow winding stairway carrying a body bag.’
    • ‘In a shaded jungle clearing, John Otolany watched grimly as ghostlike men in white protective clothing lowered a small body bag into the ground and sprayed the grave with disinfectant.’
    • ‘He would show his young charges a body bag and tell them, ‘This is how you'll come back if you go out climbing where you're not supposed to.’’
    • ‘He would hand the body bag over, and, if things went well, Deon would be out of the water about 80 minutes after Shaw's dive had started.’
    • ‘He says if he needs a body bag, it's going to be when he dies from old age and he knew that anyway.’
    • ‘Outside, I saw a body bag being carried by two policemen to an ambulance.’
    • ‘She tried not to think that the body bag she had just seen carried away contained the lifeless corpse of someone that she had known.’
    • ‘It would be a body bag but plastics haven't been invented yet.’
    • ‘The police team laid a white body bag along the water's edge and lifted Deon into it.’
    • ‘Soon, Ryan was strapped up in an orange body bag, flying down the slope headed for the emergency medical centre.’
    • ‘A Nicaraguan flag was placed on top of the body bag and he would recite.’
    • ‘At one point the health workers excavate a shallow grave with a body bag.’


body bag