Definition of body-popping in English:



mass noun
  • A kind of street dancing characterized by jerky robotic movements of the joints.

    • ‘The better parts include Thomas Doyle's body-popping white rabbit and Michael Offei's Cheshire Cat, who is one big sleek puss dripping in diamonds and gold.’
    • ‘They've been tap dancing, doing the tango, body-popping, dancing the salsa - you name it, he's seen it.’
    • ‘As if to emphasise the infectious nature of her stage persona, Furler even responded to the crowd's request of dancing the Macarana combined with some body-popping during Binns' solo.’
    • ‘But on the same show, Shalamar's ‘A Night to Remember’ played, and the group's Jeffrey Daniels, in pointy fringe and suit with nothing underneath, gave the nation's teenagers their first demonstration of body-popping.’
    • ‘Worsham's day comes to explosive end - again: From a body-popping explosion in Chicago two years ago to last year's Reading blast, Del Worsham has experienced some of the biggest explosions in Funny Car over the last couple of seasons.’
    • ‘I wanted to get them to experience as much movement as possible - robotics, body-popping a smurfing - as well as show them a bit about how rapping works as a way to talk about their life experience and what they are going through.’
    • ‘I provide dance for those who don't normally see it, with body-popping and hip-hop, using non-stereotypical dancers, people who look just like me.’
    • ‘And those who don't like to get down on the floor can stick with body-popping, an upright form of dance that involves fashioning your body into a series of cartoon-style moves.’
    • ‘It was quickly followed by a souped-up version of Ray Of Light that was rounded off with some impromptu head-spining and body-popping from two freestyle dancers.’