Definition of body-centred in English:



  • Denoting a crystal structure in which there is an atom at each vertex and at the centre of the unit cell.

    • ‘Martensitic stainless steels are essentially alloys of chromium and carbon that possess a distorted body-centered cubic crystal structure in the hardened condition.’
    • ‘Most metals have either a body-centered cubic, face-centered cubic, or a hexagonal-close-packed structure.’
    • ‘In both experiments, glass formation occurred by transition from phase to phase (a body-centered cubic, high-temperature phase), and from phase to an amorphous state.’
    • ‘Head position related cells in the parietal could support body-centred localization.’
    • ‘The principal lattice structures are simple cubic, body-centered, and face-centered.’
    • ‘Under ordinary laboratory conditions iron has a body-centred cubic structure (the alpha phase), but this is stable only at low pressures and is not relevant to the core.’
    • ‘Martensite is a supersaturated solid solution of carbon in iron which has a body-centred tetragonal structure, a distorted form of bcc iron.’
    • ‘Heat-treatment of steel involves the change of austenite, a face-centred cubic iron lattice containing carbon atoms in the interstices, into a body-centred cubic ferrite with a low solubility for carbon.’
    • ‘Importantly, throughout all the analyses no clear effect of ‘left of’ versus ‘right of’ was observed for the present study, and therefore it seems unlikely that tapping works by hampering body-centred prepositional coding.’
    • ‘If the head-related errors we found arise from a reference frame conversion of auditory information into a body-centred reference system, it is not surprising that we found no errors associated with eye position.’