Definition of bodiless in English:



  • 1Lacking a body.

    ‘a bodiless head’
    • ‘Nevertheless, it is puzzling how a bodiless creature thinks and feels.’
    • ‘Sugimoto's photographs suggest that that one is fated to become either a faultless corpse or a bodiless ghost.’
    • ‘Jakora felt the familiar feeling of being bodiless and floating in mid air, followed by a tingling as she became aware of her body once again.’
    • ‘If you were a nut so primitive as to think that decapitating a helpless man would strengthen you, what might you think if that bodiless head were to start speaking?’
    • ‘I was a bodiless spirit again, and served as a spy and lookout.’
    • ‘Favoured motifs include the stylized biomorphs, such as the cat demon, and bodiless heads.’
    • ‘Unlike his ranting mannequins, however, these are bodiless assemblages, composed of oversize, fragmented facial features and accompanying voice tracks.’
    • ‘Racks of bodiless heads demonstrate different types of dummy mechanics.’
    • ‘Here and there lanterns bobbed through the mist like bodiless eyes.’
    • ‘I stepped inside and gazed at the other bodiless guests.’
    • ‘The hand that grabbed him as he passed the brick divide between bar and café appeared to form itself from the damp air and lunge bodiless out of the dark.’
    • ‘Sasaki exclaimed as she stared at the bodiless hand holding her to the ground.’
    • ‘He was weightless, bodiless, free of pain, yet somehow fearful of the possibilities that lay ahead.’
    • ‘Then she saw everything: a shield, a sword, an arm, a leg, a bodiless head.’
    • ‘Our experiences might result from dreams, hallucinations, or the manipulations of an evil demon or his modern counterpart, an evil neuroscientist artificially stimulating a bodiless brain in a vat.’
    • ‘The reference to nakedness is sometimes taken to refer to bodiless souls but here it would seem to function in an emblematic way best explained in a social context.’
    1. 1.1 Having no material form or being; incorporeal.
      ‘a sinister, bodiless voice’
      • ‘In obedience to by-laws and shareholders, a corporation is a serenely calculating, bloodless, bodiless profit-machine.’
      • ‘Dead bodies which act like persons, and bodiless souls which perceive like conscious persons, exist only in the movies or in the minds of certain philosophers and other fantasy writers.’
      • ‘One was floating in a bodiless space and yet being tied down to a body.’
      • ‘That same bodiless voice screamed inside my head.’
      • ‘Antin's ability to imbue this bodiless amalgam with pathos is remarkable, a hint of what was to come in her various personae.’
      • ‘Jeremy continued to stare at the bodiless voice, speechless in the face of dozens of questions he wanted to ask it.’
      • ‘This description emphasizes the specificity of English, and the concrete bodies that possess it, as opposed to the implicit universality of French, imagined by contrast as almost bodiless.’
      • ‘Whatever we said, we said in whispers because Arcanus had warned us that the evil spirits of course were bodiless so they could be in the very air, listening to us.’
      • ‘The privacy rationale for exclusion is much less convincing when you look at a mall as being owned by a bodiless corporation that lets hordes of strangers swarm over its ‘private’ property.’
      • ‘The street ended in a marble pavilion, and a bodiless, booming voice rose from the ground.’
      • ‘‘Identification accepted,’ the bodiless voice said.’
      • ‘By insisting that Aristotelian forms were spiritual substances distinct from matter, professors equally made room for the logical possibility of bodiless invisible spirits at work in the universe.’
      • ‘An angel is a bodiless, immortal spirit, limited in knowledge and power.’
      • ‘The golden voice was back, bodiless and carefree.’
      • ‘The sun was shining, the trees rustled in a slight wind, the mountains reared up against the blue sky, and over all of it looked two bodiless spirits.’
      • ‘On the Internet, we're all bodiless, symbols speaking to symbols in symbols.’
      • ‘The dragon is bodiless yet has scaly hands creeping upwards.’
      • ‘‘We are looking for a famous genie,’ Charlotte hooted before the bodiless man could crack his mouth.’
      • ‘But he didn't, nor could I sense his bodiless spirit anywhere in the area.’
      • ‘He is said to be bodiless and immortal or eternal.’
      intangible, impalpable, non-material, non-physical
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