Definition of bodied in English:



  • 1Having a body or trunk, typically of a specified kind.

    ‘we are bodied beings’
    in combination ‘crayfish are heavy bodied crustaceans’
    in combination ‘the narrow bodied hangar’
    • ‘They claim no one has refused to buy a wide-bodied motor home on the grounds of noncompliance with the regulations.’
    • ‘Cutting often works for many soft-bodied insects.’
    • ‘The notion that women's wear is only for hourglass-bodied models is wrong.’
    • ‘Flatfish cook quickly and evenly, being thin bodied.’
    • ‘Standing out amid the other vehicles was the metallic-gray-bodied four-seater.’
    • ‘This bulldog was thinner and rangier, longer legged and longer bodied than its predecessor.’
    • ‘It works well on hard-bodied lures.’
    • ‘Each model was embellished with flowers and costume jewelry and was photographed with the chisel-bodied Adams.’
    • ‘In riots, these could be thrown back at the security forces, so the rubber-bodied grenade was produced.’
    • ‘The male glowlight tetra is more slender bodied than his mate.’
  • 2Of wine, having the specified quality of flavour.

    ‘a medium bodied Cabernet’
    • ‘For reds, I'm offering some lighter bodied wines and spinning them with a chill.’
    • ‘Don't rule out some of the fuller bodied reds as barbecue partners.’
    • ‘The champagne was light bodied, fruity, and generally delicious.’
    • ‘This medium-bodied, semisweet wine offers up an odd, earthy burned-rubber sensation.’
    • ‘If not available, any well-bodied red wine is good.’