Definition of bodega in English:



  • 1(in a Spanish-speaking country) a wine shop or wine cellar.

    • ‘Stopping at the little Cuban bodega on the strip, he bought himself some expresso to go and opted for a long walk along the surf to clear his mind.’
    • ‘While most of the bodegas have their own shop where you can buy the house brands, it's worth going to the Sherry Shop, at Calle Divina Pastora, a friendly and informative place that stocks them all and where you can taste samples as well.’
    • ‘Over the next couple of days, they will cover the ground between the 11 th century Monestario de Yuso and the village of Cordovin, tasting wines in the local bodegas along the way.’
    • ‘In typical Spanish fashion, the locals wander slowly up and down, taking in the spicy night air, stopping for a glass of sherry in the bodegas, or standing locked in a clincher with a sweetheart.’
    • ‘Does the bodega owner have a huge cellar of these wines?’
    • ‘From the guarded and secretive streets of the whitewashed barrios, with their flower-strewn interiors, to the shady bodegas where ice cold sherry is served from ancient wooden casks, everything about Seville says romance.’
    • ‘She offered him a job at her in-laws' bodega, but he felt humiliated by the whole situation.’
    • ‘The mellow Black Label, which mixes more than 40 kinds of malt and grain whisky, each of which has been stored in a bodega for at least 12 years, has gained fame all over the world.’
    • ‘They are walking in the hills of Calabria, white-water rafting in the Pyrenees, cycling in Catalonia, visiting sherry bodegas in Jerez, or touring the beautiful Castilian cities of Toledo, Segovia and Avila.’
    • ‘The grotto occupies the basements of two former bodegas on a dimly lit stretch of Ludlow Street, just above Delancey Street.’
    • ‘They can while away the hours strolling the maze of narrow streets in the historic Santa Cruz Quarter, stopping off to sample the local tapas in the many little bars and restaurants and to have a cooling glass of local sherry at a local bodega.’
    • ‘My bodega has started selling these revoltingly large ones.’
    • ‘Four classes of sherry bodega are recognized by the Consejo Regulador.’
    • ‘Bordeaux merchants turned to Rioja, importing the wines and encouraging the bodegas to adopt classic Bordeaux techniques such as de-stemming of grapes and barrel ageing.’
    • ‘A few bodegas sweeten their wines with fortified Moscatel but this tends to produce a rather obvious, aromatic, grapey style of sherry.’
    • ‘Then take off on a leisurely day of wine tasting at small, family-owned bodegas.’
    • ‘Decorated in sleek blond wood and black trim, Van Brackle's store is a tiny bit of downtown chic transported to a gritty street corner where her neighbors include a bodega and a somewhat battered liquor store.’
    • ‘A round of drinks ordered in the local tongue was met with unforgiving laughter in one bodega but at least ensured special treatment and generous tapas with every return visit.’
    • ‘Here we get to sample local delicacies at the bodega, or wine cellar.’
    • ‘This is a wine bodega on the coast of southwestern Spain.’
  • 2(in the US) a small grocery shop, especially in a Spanish-speaking neighbourhood.


Mid 19th century: from Spanish, via Latin from Greek apothēkē ‘storehouse’. Compare with boutique.