Definition of bodach in English:



Scottish, Irish
  • 1A man, especially a peasant or an old man.

    • ‘He spots a weird looking stranger in whom the bodachs appear very interested, nicknames him Fungus Man, and rightly assumes that he is involved in the impending disaster.’
    • ‘The bodach devoured half the hog and drank one of the ale barrels; then he lay down to sleep.’
    • ‘As for spines, you'll be amazed at some of the positions some of us old bodachs can get into.’
    • ‘Many bodachs are abroad, and shadowing a new stranger in town called Bob Robertson.’
    • ‘John laid himself stretched in the bed, and he left the bodach to toast himself at the fireside; but about the crowing of the cock he went away.’
  • 2A ghost; a spectre.

    • ‘Thomas has the gift of seeing the spirits of the dead and in this installment, he is plagued by the bodachs, sinister ghostlike creatures whose appearance precedes a great tragedy.’
    • ‘Of course, the pages were full of Elvis, bodachs, ghosts and other creatures.’
    • ‘Added to this, bodachs are prowling the halls, and Odd knows what that means: an event of terrible violence is pending.’
    • ‘It was said that the bodach would only bother naughty children, and in defense a child could put salt in the hearth, as the bodach would not cross salt.’
    • ‘He visits various areas of the compound, trying to discover what the bodachs may already know, and stumbles over an unconscious monk.’
    • ‘Hoping to make peace and begin to overcome his loss, he is saddened to see the bodachs, gruesome black shades who feed on death, begin to show up on the abbey grounds and lurk over the children.’
    • ‘The hungry customer turns out to have a filing cabinet and trophy room based on the worlds most terrible serial killers, and his house is thronged with bodachs.’
    • ‘He can also see dark things, bodachs, who gather where tragedy is about to strike.’
    • ‘When he spots a large congregation of bodachs converging on his hometown of Pico Mundo, he has a premonition of great disaster.’
    spectre, phantom, wraith, spirit, soul, shadow, presence
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Early 19th century (earlier as buddough): from Scottish Gaelic.