Definition of bobwhite in English:


(also bobwhite quail)


  • A New World quail with mottled reddish-brown plumage, and typically a pale throat and eyestripe.

    Genus Colinus, family Phasianidae: two species, in particular the northern bobwhite (C. virginianus)

    • ‘The dogs had flushed a skulking covey of bobwhites.’
    • ‘As a control, the researchers also exposed chickadees to a perched bobwhite quail, a non-predatory species.’
    • ‘And, like the setter, he can be relied on to do an adequate job of handling bobwhites and pheasants, under average conditions.’
    • ‘Squirrels, unlike popular game species such as white-tailed deer and bobwhite quail, are not ‘edge’ creatures.’
    • ‘Sadly, the 38 bobwhite reported by only 5 observers, plus a covey of 6 seen before the count, confirms the rapid decline of these once abundant Cape birds.’
    • ‘Wild bobwhites bear as little resemblance to their pen-raised kin as Cessnas do to F - 16s.’
    • ‘The bobwhite quail counts are nothing less than ‘splendor in the grass’ across most of South Texas.’
    • ‘Urban sprawl and changes in fanning methods have been hard on bobwhites.’
    • ‘When contest sponsors add wild hogs and bobwhites to the list, Texans will be the favorites.’
    • ‘On the hunting fields, 12,000 birds are harvested annually, consisting of pheasants, chukar partridge and bobwhite quail.’
    • ‘Dog handler Shawn Griffin kneeled and grabbed a bobwhite quail from the panting pointer.’
    • ‘The berries hang on into early spring unless devoured by songbirds, bobwhite, deer, squirrels, or wild turkey.’
    • ‘I knew that the bobwhite hustling toward a nearby thicket was going to be lunch long before I touched the trigger.’
    • ‘We start to hope that maybe bobwhites or turkeys will choose our yard and thrill us with their presence as they cautiously try to capture some of the seed bounty on the ground.’
    • ‘The first of these was an intense passion among local farmers for hunting that delicious, wild speckled bird known as the bobwhite quail.’
    • ‘Suddenly the ground is alive with squirrels and bobwhite quail.’
    • ‘There is a place where bobwhites thrive, there on the Texas plains.’
    • ‘The bobwhite is an excellent example of a species on the wane.’
    • ‘A bobwhite called intermittently in the distance.’
    • ‘Our ‘best’ birds of the summer, at least so far, have been a pair of bobwhite, eating the white millet that we scatter on the ground for the doves and sparrows.’


Early 19th century: imitative of its call.