Definition of bobsled in English:



  • North American term for bobsleigh
    • ‘This is a very vibrant, powerful and angry film offering a view of country that's not all bobsleds and dreadlocks.’
    • ‘The Olympic committee said the bobsled association and ‘entrepreneurs or elites in our society’ were supposed to fund the sport and provide a bobsled, uniform and equipment for its Winter Games teams.’
    • ‘Taiwan came in 29th out of 29 finishers in the four-man bobsled event in which Lee was the ‘fifth man.’’
    • ‘Injuries have also been slowing down the Bulgarian bobsled team.’
    • ‘Although the idea of success on the world soccer stage for Canada was once as absurd as a Jamaican bobsled team, the girls are proving that they have what it takes, playing on Saturday against the intimidating United States soccer team.’
    • ‘Your bobsled seems to jerk around the track and it is very difficult to learn how to properly maneuver your sled down the course.’