Definition of bobotie in English:



mass noun
  • A South African dish of curried minced meat baked with a rich savoury custard.

    • ‘The Beacon Arms will have steak, pizza and ribs for sale, Connoisseurs Cookery and Hospitality College will have vetkoek with mince curry, breyani, chicken and apricot curry, bobotie and sosaties on offer.’
    • ‘Other favorite dishes include morogo or imifino, a wild leaf stew; bobotie, a minced beef curry; bitlong, which is dried meat similar to jerky; a fried bread called vetkoek; and sosaties, which are made of marinated lamb and apricots.’
    • ‘Then there are a few caution-to-the-wind wildcards: kiwi marinated grilled squid, brill cooked in beer and the extraordinary fish bobotie, a South African ensemble which includes bread, curry powder, raisins, apricot jam and eggs.’
    • ‘I wolfed down the bobotie, a sort of South African mince pie with either dried fruit such as apricots and currants, or jam.’
    • ‘The restaurant will be called The Victory, and will serve a traditional menu, with items like bobotie and oxtail.’
    • ‘When in Uis and in need of a meal, the Lizenstein Guesthouse may be visited for delightful typical African meals including an excellent bobotie and also light meals.’
    • ‘A recipe for bobotie, another favorite dish accompanies this article.’
    • ‘Why didn't they slap an injunction on samoosas, koeksisters, bobotie, braaivleis, witblits or mampoer while they were about it?’
    • ‘Afrikaans cuisine borrows from Malay and other traditions (with bobotie, for instance: a sort of crustless mince pie involving raisins, with egg on top) and is big on stodge and sugar.’
    • ‘The stand will be offering South African wines, souvenirs, and a traditional Cape Malay dish known as bobotie.’


Afrikaans, probably of Malay or Javanese origin.