Definition of bobcat in English:



  • A small North American lynx with a barred and spotted coat and a short tail.

    Felis rufus, family Felidae

    • ‘Coyotes, foxes, bears, mountain lions, and bobcats all prey on livestock.’
    • ‘A manitou could take the form of a bison, bear, wolf, mountain lion, bobcat, deer, bird, or some other animal.’
    • ‘Although rarely seen, mountain lions and bobcats periodically cross the canyon.’
    • ‘Black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and wolves have been effectively removed from most U.S. farming areas, leaving coyotes as the top livestock predators.’
    • ‘A bobcat is another wild cat, about half the size of a cougar, with a stubby tail rather than a long one.’
    • ‘Large felines like the bobcat and lynx don't have this physical feature, but the cougar does.’
    • ‘Visitors will especially enjoy Eagle Canyon, with its streams, mountain lions, bobcats, Mexican wolves, and golden eagles.’
    • ‘He has seen golden eagles, bobcats and even mountain lion tracks on the course.’
    • ‘North American river otters are sometimes taken by bobcats, coyotes, birds of prey, alligators, and other large predators.’
    • ‘To compound matters, expanding human populations have forced out - and hunted or trapped out - deer predators such as wolves, mountain lions, and bobcats.’
    • ‘Jackrabbits may live to be six to eight years old; however, they are regularly hunted by large birds of prey such as eagles and hawks, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, badgers, weasels, and humans.’
    • ‘It's home to at least 300 vascular plants, 30 types of cacti and 249 vertebrate species, including mountain lions, bobcats and weasels.’
    • ‘Clearly, bobcats could survive hunting pressures better than margays and ocelots.’
    • ‘And neither the feces of bobcats nor the urine of foxes, coyotes, and bobcats discouraged voles from attacking seedlings.’
    • ‘Since 1994 the zoo has been housing and sometimes breeding the American bobcat, a close relative of the lynx.’
    • ‘The Cascade range is full of bobcats and mountain lions and things.’
    • ‘There's a wolf, a coyote, a bobcat and a puma sleeping right next to us - what are they doing sleeping together?’
    • ‘Trackers were brought in to hunt for the animal after several sets of tracks, far too large for native bobcats or mountain lions, were found on a ranch not far from the hilltop library.’
    • ‘As a cash crop, cattle encouraged ranchers to practise ruthless predator control, killing bears, bobcats and mountain lions.’
    • ‘This 137,400-acre expanse supports prairie dogs, coyotes, foxes, black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, elk, mule deer, and over 200 kinds of birds.’


Late 19th century: from bob (with reference to its short tail) + cat.