Definition of bobby socks in English:

bobby socks

(also bobby sox)

plural noun

North American
  • Short socks reaching just above the ankle, as worn by teenage girls in the 1940s and 1950s.

    • ‘The 1950s featured bobby socks, crew cuts, Hogan caps and persimmon.’
    • ‘I feel it should only be sampled while wearing bobby socks and sipping a vanilla shake.’
    • ‘In Isis, a young girl with a small, sweet smile poses shyly in a short white dress, bobby socks and a wedding veil.’
    • ‘Elizabeth dresses in pinafores, bobby sox, and Keds.’
    • ‘If you really get into it, you might even find yourself sporting short-cropped bangs, bobby socks and a poodle skirt.’


Compare with bob in the sense ‘cut short’.


bobby socks

/ˈbɒbi sɒks/