Definition of bobber in English:



  • 1A person who rides on a bobsleigh.

  • 2A float used in angling.

    • ‘The fishing is catch-and-release, and the young anglers are outfitted with cane poles and spincast outfits rigged with bobbers and hooks.’
    • ‘The water was choppy, and dunked the bobbers under several times and often, pushing them one way, then another, like utter chaos.’
    • ‘A piece of Twizzlers' licorice hung from his mouth as he chewed on the candy, keeping a trained eye on the bobber and holding the pole tightly in his hands.’
    • ‘I rummaged in my pack for nay emergency fishing gear, cut down a 10-foot sapling, tied on my line, sinker, and bobber, then sat down by the stream to relax.’
    • ‘A limber cane pole with lightweight line, small sinker, cork or bobber, and size 8 to 10 hook are all you need.’
    • ‘There were catfish and some other smaller fish in it - bream, sunfish, bluegill, and crappie, I think - and we sometimes fished in it, me with a bobber and worm because I never could master anything more difficult.’
    • ‘When the bobber dips or the line tightens, you do not need to ‘cross his eyes; ‘indeed, reacting with violent rod sweep may tear the hook from a fine slab doing its absolute best to get caught.’’
    • ‘Rhythm abandons the cottage, shimmies out into the lake and moves a bobber, somewhere.’
    • ‘Both men were usually in the boat, one rowing and the other dropping a weighted float bobber on the datolite.’
    • ‘I love all the little melodies and counter-melodies happening in the music - a synth line going up, percussive guitar melody moving down, bass dipping in and out like a bobber on a fishing line when an unseen pike is testing the bait.’
    • ‘In that first River memory I can see the red and white bobber floating on the surface of the pond and the line stretching beneath it bearing the soggy little invertebrate fate destined to be bait.’
    • ‘The bobber from a fishing line became entangled in a tree.’
    • ‘If the groundwater level is up, it is possible that your septic tank could pop right out of the ground like a fishing bobber, ripping up all of the connected lines with it!’
    • ‘Surface current velocity was measured in three areas by recording the time taken for a bobber to travel 1 meter.’
    • ‘The Dow Jones has gone up and down like a bobber being grabbed by a trout!’
    • ‘Sometimes they lose their balances and pop upside down like bobbers which is fun and helps the learning experience.’