Definition of bob weight in English:

bob weight


  • A component used as a counterweight to a moving part in a machine.

    • ‘The four sets of bobweights are then placed onto the crank, alternating at 90 degrees.’
    • ‘These bobweights simulate the total weight from the formula used in weighing all the components.’
    • ‘On straight four and six cylinder engines no bobweights are required.’
    • ‘This value must be the weight of an empty bobweight including all mounting and disk retaining nuts.’
    • ‘Finally, the bobweight is attached to the rod pin and the complete assembly is spun and dynamically balanced.’
    • ‘The crank has bobweights attached to it to simulate the weight of the pistons.’
    • ‘Though the unit looked and moved OK when at rest, a run on the distributor test machine showed the bobweights sticking and binding on the pivots which restricted the advance very badly.’
    • ‘Auto guys will then make up a bobweight of nuts and bolts equal to the rotating part which they add to the crank throws and that is then spun on a dynamic balance machine.’
    • ‘Various mechanisms can be used to secure and hold the bobweights in position in the tubular member, such as welding, adhesive bonding, staking, brazing, and the like.’
    • ‘A simple cord pendulum with adjustable bobweight is included.’
    • ‘The pistons rose and fell together, and the one-piece crankshaft had three integral bobweights.’
    • ‘After the bobweights are made to be the same correct weight, they are attached to the crank pins.’
    • ‘The correct bobweights are then assembled and mounted on the crankshaft rod journals.’
    • ‘A good rule of thumb is to figure a bobweight of 2400 grams for these motors as it will almost always balance out a bit less than that.’
    • ‘The bobweight we use is usually somewhat heavier than the final bobweight of the finished rotating assembly.’
    • ‘The program available here is the first part of that project, in that it helps to compute the bobweight masses.’


bob weight