Definition of bob for apples in English:

bob for apples


  • Try to catch floating or hanging apples with one's mouth alone, as a game.

    • ‘Maybe we'll organize a Halloween party as well, complete with bobbing for apples.’
    • ‘I take it that he won't want to bob for apples, then.’
    • ‘It was like watching someone try to bob for apples while wearing a motorcycle helmet.’
    • ‘If you're not bobbing for apples, you're hollowing out pumpkins; and if you're not putting daft expressions on gourds, you're splashing fake blood on your children and sending them out into the dead of night to beg for sweets.’
    • ‘Another well-known Halloween custom, bobbing for apples, is associated with Bran and resonates both with this and later Irish stories.’
    • ‘There's bobbing for apples in the Great Hall and a game of Web of Fate taking place in the ballroom shortly.’
    • ‘But I suggest you move in slowly, rather than just diving in like you're bobbing for apples.’
    • ‘Many games are associated with Hallowe'en, such as the now popular bobbing for apples.’
    • ‘As the howl subsides, he collapses upon me like a child bobbing for apples and buries his teeth into my chest, right above the heart.’
    • ‘All went well until we started bobbing for apples.’