Definition of bob and weave in English:

bob and weave


  • Make rapid bodily movements up and down and from side to side, for example as an evasive tactic by a boxer.

    ‘Freddie bobbed and weaved, jabbing the air’
    • ‘He can bob and weave, but he becomes dangerous when he is backed into a corner.’
    • ‘But if somebody continues to bob and weave and duck and evade and you've only got seven or eight minutes for the interview, a politician can get away with that, can't he?’
    • ‘This way, boxers could bob and weave out of the way of incoming punches.’
    • ‘As someone who stood on a curbside box in the innocent 1950s to witness my first Macy's parade, I have never completely lost that long-ago wonder at seeing giant cartoon figures bob and weave amid the skyscrapers.’
    • ‘They bob and weave and move and that's what they're doing.’
    • ‘I'm not surprised that Senators - especially Senators who want to satisfy a largely Republican constituency yet maintain favorable press attention - will bob and weave like this.’
    • ‘In a radical departure he used hand-held cameras that bob and weave in an attempt to capture the frenetic energy of the Beijing cityscape.’
    • ‘Larry, we watch these little things bob and weave all the time.’
    • ‘It won't kill you, this labyrinthine bob and weave through the trials of a young post-structuralist-turned - biographer.’