Definition of boatswain's chair in English:

boatswain's chair


  • A seat suspended from ropes, used for work on the body or masts of a ship or the face of a building.

    • ‘To get to the top of a mast to adjust a wire one would be pulled up in a boatswain's chair by a rope looped through a pulley at the top of the mast.’
    • ‘Sometimes the sea was such that visitors were hoisted aboard in boatswain's chairs.’
    • ‘Wood seats for boatswain's chairs must not be less than 1 inch thick (if made of non-laminated wood), or 5 / 8-inch thick (if made of marine-quality plywood).’
    • ‘He quickly arranged to borrow a balloon from Holloman Air Force Base and rigged a boatswain's chair under it.’
    • ‘The boatswain's chair was rigged and the work of rescue was begun.’
    • ‘Then he handed the boatswain's chairs to them.’
    • ‘I'm proclaiming myself an expert because I believe using the rods while standing on scaffolds, balancing on 2-inch beams 30 stories high, hanging in boatswain's chairs, lying upside down under vessels, and cramming myself claustrophobically into vessels while welding qualify me.’
    • ‘This improper arrangement allowed the dead end to slip out causing the boatswain's chair to fall.’
    • ‘Soon Mitscher had to transfer by boatswain's chair to the destroyer English, which flew his three-starred flag with unaccustomed pride.’
    • ‘Some were posted as lookouts in boatswain's chairs suspended from the big guns on the turrets, others took up watch on the well deck dressed as aviators in shorts with full flying gear.’
    • ‘Assembly of the longitudinal framing and the other elements of the ship was accomplished by workmen lowered into position on boatswain's chairs or on hanging platforms.’
    • ‘Workers should not stand, climb or walk on piles of materials without safety equipment like a hoist with a boatswain's chair or a body harness.’
    • ‘The crew then endured strong winds and bitter cold while dangling from the sky climb and boatswain's chairs - but nothing got in the way of the mission.’
    • ‘Suspension belts are independent work supports used to suspend a worker, such as boatswain's chairs or raising or lowering harnesses.’
    • ‘He had his workers, out-of-work miners mostly, dynamite the rock and then smooth it with drills while seated in boatswain's chairs hung from cables.’
    • ‘Mandatory training for workers engaged in the operation of suspended scaffolds or platforms and boatswain's chairs.’
    • ‘We made a boatswain's chair to which a single block was attached, passing our long line from the shear legs through the block on the chair.’
    • ‘When Gonzalez-Cacho began to lower himself against the side of the building, the boatswain's chair did not support him, and he fell 72 feet to a concrete pathway below the building.’
    • ‘Buckets used in boatswain's chair work shall be attached in such a manner that the buckets will not fall.’
    • ‘We did use a boatswain's chair to do the touch-up cleaning.’