Definition of boathouse in English:



  • A shed at the edge of a river or lake used for housing boats.

    • ‘As we held the boat up by the boathouse Martin smiled at me from the shore and said, ‘You're my hero today, Richard.’’
    • ‘As he neared the boat house, he swung out away from the boathouse towards the edge of the trees, keeping as far away from the docks as possible.’
    • ‘A wooden pont on empty oil drums has been constructed alongside the boathouse and ferries workmen across to the central fountain.’
    • ‘The old plunge pool came to light when the Wessex Archaeology team was excavating what was believed to be a hidden boathouse where the edge of the lake had been.’
    • ‘Another problem that it is planned to deal with is that caused by boat trailers creating major traffic congestion near the boathouse in the summer season.’
    • ‘It also had an ice store, hence its name, workshop and a boathouse for fishery boats.’
    • ‘Now, here are the keys to the front and back doors, the shed, and the boathouse.’
    • ‘In May of 1998, Mr. Levy met with the MacRaes and asked permission to store his boat in their boathouse.’
    • ‘He could see the boathouses at the river bend, and tall oaks stood lushly green along both banks.’
    • ‘The Riverside Hotel made a substantial investment in getting the boats ready as the previous boathouse and oars had been destroyed by arsonists.’
    • ‘The surrounding area has a man-made lake, surrounded by huge boathouses and houses.’
    • ‘We went in search of more drink in the boathouses along the river and although I just meant to have one pint of Guinness I was feeling surprisingly perky and started to enjoy myself.’
    • ‘Similarly, they have no difficulty in distinguishing a houseboat from a boathouse or a horse race from a racehorse.’
    • ‘The squat he visited was an old boathouse on the edge of the river Thames.’
    • ‘Fourth, marinas that were more exposed or only protected by low sea walls got hit the hardest, and that boat lifts and boathouses do not provide storm protection.’
    • ‘Banks had a friend at Bradford Grammar School so Debbie was lent a boat which was housed in their boathouse on the River Aire at Saltaire.’
    • ‘And to this effect, the boathouse has acquired adequate number of boats, while a fresh coat of painting has been given to existing ones.’
    • ‘And they throw in four boats and two boathouses.’
    • ‘Pupils of St Peter's are likely to encounter drug users wherever they wander, be it down to the boathouse by the river or crossing Clifton Road.’
    • ‘The crowds were one-deep, looking out across the river towards the boathouses in case anything was actually happening.’