Definition of boatful in English:



  • See boat

    • ‘Mary applauded the people of Genoa, who rescued a boatful of children.’
    • ‘The mutual curiosity that exists between an adolescent right whale and a boatful of human observers makes whale-watching an activity of an entirely different nature than, say, bird-watching - or even people-watching.’
    • ‘I don't consider it very responsible letting a boatful of inexperienced divers, many of them having completed fewer than 10 dives, loose on a wreck in 30m-plus with a screaming surface current.’
    • ‘It also depicted her as one of the boys, or, more poetically, as a kind of Cleopatra floating down the river with a boatful of male artists.’
    • ‘There's no need to board the boat armed with enormous flight cases full of equipment, only to have to assemble and dismantle it all on what could be a boatful of divers of no fixed experience.’