Definition of boat race in English:

boat race


  • 1A race between rowing crews.

    • ‘I had sort of thought that running the Marathon and rowing the boat race would make me thinner, but all I'm doing is eating twice as much and staying the same weight.’
    • ‘Events in the arena throughout Saturday afternoon included a children's fancy dress competition, traditional children's games including sack race and egg and spoon, and a toy boat race in the beck.’
    • ‘Oxford's crew weigh in at about 98 kg which is about 10 kg heavier than Cambridge and it makes them the heaviest crew in boat race history.’
    • ‘Four days later, they took a surprisingly enjoyable trip to watch a boat race in the park with Ilse's Oma and Herr Schmidt.’
    • ‘Andy Hodge is set to play a key role in the Oxford Blue Boat following this week's announcement of the crews for the annual boat race.’
    • ‘Each year the boat race between the two universities highlights the skills of the best oarsmen, who spend the rest of the year in intercollegiate races and training.’
    • ‘To celebrate the 150th Boat Race and the 175th anniversary of the very first boat race two crews of old students from both universities will race in replica boats during the afternoon.’
    • ‘To celebrate the occasion, the BBC plans to screen a celebrity boat race with Steve Redgrave and Mathew Pinsent enlisted to train the teams.’
    • ‘This isn't like the boat race or the Marathon: I'm not pushing myself physically to see what I can achieve.’
    • ‘Known as the Kennewick Man, the skeleton was found in 1996 by spectators at a boat race after the remains eroded from an embankment.’
    • ‘‘Let's have a boat race,’ they spoke in unison, their muscles waking after a long tiring day of riding.’
    • ‘Then it's back on a boat, this time to follow a boat race.’
    • ‘To celebrate the 150th Thames boat race and the 175th anniversary of the first boat race, two crews of old students from both universities will race in replica boats during the afternoon.’
    • ‘The biggest university boat race in the world is set to go this Sunday 28 March when Cambridge University takes on Oxford University for the 150th time.’
    • ‘But Spain was not close enough and the final sprint became a two boat race between Romania and Poland as Romania tried to take the lead.’
    • ‘Airships regularly landed there bringing tourists from abroad to enjoy the facilities and the area has also hosted a round Britain air race, football cup finals and an international boat race.’
    • ‘After an almost unchallenged stint at the Southeast Asian Games, the Indonesian rowing team took bronze in the traditional boat race on West Lake here on Friday.’
    • ‘Following the duck race there was a boat race with model boats sponsored by local businesses.’
    • ‘CAN anyone out there explain to me why the men's eights race in the university boat race is better than the women's event and earns the ‘flagship’ designation?’
    • ‘It turned into a two boat race between Great Britain and Denmark.’
    1. 1.1 The annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge. First rowed at Henley in 1829, it has been held over its present course, from Putney to Mortlake (6.8 km, 4.25 miles), since 1845.
      • ‘She has also reported on a diverse range of sporting events including Wimbledon, the London Marathon and the Boat Race for the BBC.’
      • ‘Surely the Boat Race is too important an event to let commercial riff raff like ITV get their grubby mitts on it, she demurred.’
      • ‘The main challenge at the moment is for all of the Oxford crews to win the Boat Race and Henley.’
      • ‘Oxford won the 2003 Boat Race by the narrowest of margins and by all accounts it was one of the most exciting finishes of all time with BBC audience figures of 7.7 million.’
      • ‘The year 2004 sees the 150th anniversary of the Boat Race, first contested between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in 1829.’
      • ‘He raced for Oxford University in the Boat Race, in 1990 and 1991.’
      • ‘What was significant about the Boat Race, won by Cambridge after two successive Oxford victories?’
      • ‘However, earlier this month, rowing had one of its rare moments in the spotlight as Oxford and Cambridge Universities contested the Boat Race.’
      • ‘Known simply as the Boat Race, Oxford and Cambridge Universities faced each other for the 150th time in a one on one battle over the 4 - ¼ mile course.’
      • ‘Oxford is once more triumphant in the Boat Race.’
      • ‘While I didn't put in anywhere near as much time as I did for the Boat Race, the enjoyment of it was still really high.’
      • ‘The Boat Race is the annual rowing contest between England's two oldest and most distinguished universities.’
      • ‘The BBC has lost the rights to broadcast the Oxbridge Boat Race after more than fifty years of exclusively covering the event.’
      • ‘This was strokeman Andy Triggs Hodge's summary of Oxford's exceptional performance to win the 151st Boat Race.’
      • ‘After a number of venue changes The Boat Race became a four and a quarter mile fixture between Putney and Mortlake on the Thames River.’
      • ‘Tomorrow is the Boat Race 2005-the 151st boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.’
      • ‘It was the closest win in the history of The Boat Race.’
      • ‘Known simply as the Boat Race, Oxford-Cambridge head-to-head contest began in 1829 when Cambridge sent a challenge to Oxford to race in the fixed seat boats of the day.’
      • ‘The Boat Race can be followed live in the UK on BBC, and will be broadcast on the pan European channel Eurosport.’
      • ‘Steve Rider takes to the helm of the Boat Race 2003 on Sunday 6 April as the Cambridge and Oxford Blue Crews clash for the 149th title.’
  • 2British rhyming slang A person's face.

    • ‘In Revenge of the Sith, we see the transition of Chancellor Palpatine from the human visage of actor Ian McDiarmid to the twisted distorted boat race of Darth Sidious, the self appointed Emperor.’
    face, features, physiognomy, profile
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