Definition of boat deck in English:

boat deck


  • The deck from which a ship's lifeboats are launched.

    • ‘With each group's boarding, the Balsa's crew was herded to the boat deck and the entire vessel searched for suspicious materials.’
    • ‘On the top landing of the first class grand staircase, which spanned from F deck to the boat deck, the clock struck eleven times, followed by two fifteen-minute chimes.’
    • ‘The sky would be nearly black and it was a real sight,’ Jade told Chava as he pulled out his blanket and spread it on the boat deck.’
    • ‘Out on the boat deck Evelyn was reading a book called ‘how to deal with men’ by Suzie Spencer.’
    • ‘I walked onto the boat deck a few minutes later and stood looking over the railing at the sea.’
    • ‘The boat deck had several small structures on it; the first-class staircase, the gymnasium, among others.’
    • ‘Peering up at the stars, feelings of nostalgia flashed in my mind as I lay on my back on the boat deck.’
    • ‘I took a break from the endless games of bridge that we seem to play, and excused myself to take a walk on the boat deck.’
    • ‘Would you care to come up to the boat deck with me?’
    • ‘The hull built in Poland is built in steel with two continuous decks, main deck and shelter deck, and with forecastle and boat decks.’
    • ‘I'm an outside machinist for National Steel and Shipbuilding Company and my operation is, right now, is to work on the boat deck.’
    • ‘He went wandering off with a very nicely dressed woman when he got to the boat deck.’
    • ‘Then he started to get an intense pain in his spine and the crew pulled him out of the water onto the boat deck.’
    • ‘Rachel and Petula joined Alison at the boat deck moments later and saw the smile plastered across her face.’
    • ‘Instead, she made her way to the boat deck, where second class promenade space was relegated to the after end.’
    • ‘He just knew he'd get lost - hell, he'd taken a few wrong turns finding his way to the boat deck even with the ‘clearly labeled signs.’’
    • ‘‘Man the port and starboard boat decks, aye,’ was the response.’
    • ‘‘Ahh,’ Rebecca sighed happily, stretching out on a deck chair on the boat deck.’
    • ‘Miss, I must ask that you please put on your lifebelt and come up to the boat deck immediately.’
    • ‘A couple are walking the circuit on the boat deck.’