Definition of boarfish in English:



  • Any of a number of deep-bodied fishes with a protruding snout, a small mouth, small toothed scales, and a spiny dorsal fin.

    a temperate marine fish occurring around southern Africa, the North Pacific, and Australasia (Pentaceros richardsoni and others in the family Pentacerotidae).

    a marine fish of the north-eastern Atlantic (family Caproidae, in particular Capros aper).

    • ‘A trip down the waters of Kangaroo Island is going through an assortment of colors as you come across blue devils, coral fishes, harlequin and boarfishes and the corals in reds and oranges.’
    • ‘On my first dive with new digital camera housing in South Harbour at the Poor Knights Islands I encounter a striped boarfish with a long-finned boarfish.’
    • ‘But, a blue marlin is also just as happy rounding up a big ball of ‘trumpetero’ or boarfish, just like a tuna or sail, and guzzles on them too.’
    • ‘Red boarfish probably scatter their eggs in the open water, and the larvae probably drift in open water.’
    • ‘Currently I am studying the osteology and evolutionary relationships of the boarfishes, a group of marine teleosts of world-wide distribution.’