Definition of boardslide in English:



  • (in skateboarding and snowboarding) a manoeuvre in which the board slides along a rail, ledge, edge of a ramp, etc. on the flat part of its underside between the trucks.

    • ‘Nevertheless the crowd convinced Matt to keep pushing on and he nailed his second ever backside kickie boardslide down the rail, keeping the whole shed spastic.’
    • ‘Jeff Grosso was making his famous ultra-long board slides.’
    • ‘Before we could even get the lights on, Adrian went native and jumped on a wildly sketchy boardslide.’
    • ‘I like to practice my frontside boardslides a lot.’
    • ‘It looks beautiful in a rail course, where backside (blind) and frontside (facing) tip and board slides can be combined at speeds of around 20 miles per hour.’
    • ‘Joey Poiriez showed local dominance while Powell pro Rodney Jones snatched first with a switch flip boardslide.’
    • ‘Dylan had stayed on the entire run with kickflip frontside boardslides on the flatbar, back lips on the rail, and buttery kickflips off the wedge ramp to flat.’
    • ‘Do you think it's more important to lipslide a 30-stair handrail or to frontside boardslide a 10-stair, but do it with style?’
    • ‘Shaun stuck a smooth 50 50, and then backed it up with a boardslide that brought the house down.’
    • ‘He was heading right for the perfect spot on the rail, turned 90 degrees as you should be for a boardslide, but his board wasn't with him.’
    • ‘If someone gets ready to frontside bluntside (or boardslide) on a ramp they generally arc frontside on the transition, agreed.’
    • ‘He finally pumped me up to do a boardslide.’
    • ‘He tried to do a kickflip frontside boardslide down some big rail.’
    • ‘A regular-footer busting a frontside bluntslide, noseslide and boardslide has actually turned his body backside on all of those tricks.’
    • ‘I set up a railroad tie down a loading dock and learned boardslides down it.’
    • ‘It was probably a boardslide 'cause I was afraid to frontside 50-50.’
    • ‘Let's say you've got a 17-stair rail and you're psyched and you're going to do a frontside boardslide.’
    • ‘He was doing boardslides and noseslides with consistency.’
    • ‘I walked down a rail backward on a botched frontside boardslide.’
    • ‘It comes out in the frontside boardslides quite often.’