Definition of boarding kennel in English:

boarding kennel


  • A place in which dogs are kept and looked after, especially while their owners are on holiday.

    • ‘To prevent permanent separation, identify a boarding kennel or shelter in your immediate area that provides emergency care or foster care for pets.’
    • ‘Dozens of families queued for hours at the rescue centre at the Jerusalem boarding kennels just outside Carlow town for a chance to take home one of the many breeds rescued from a puppy farm in Wexford on February 25.’
    • ‘If you have pets, it is possible that boarding kennel fees are covered during the time it takes to repair your home.’
    • ‘If it is impossible to take your pet with you to temporary shelter, contact friends, family, veterinarians, or boarding kennels to arrange for care.’
    • ‘You can take them to a boarding kennel or you can hire a pet sitter.’
    • ‘In addition, the foundation will build a school facility complete with offices, boarding kennels, veterinary facilities, and dormitories.’
    • ‘One koala managed to strand herself on the roof of a boarding kennel.’
    • ‘Unless you have a helpful family to look after your dog, be prepared for the expense of boarding kennels.’
    • ‘The remainder were transferred to boarding kennels in County Carlow where it is expected most will thrive.’
    • ‘Dozens of families travelled hundreds of miles and queued for several hours at the rescue centre, Jerusalem boarding kennels, on the outskirts of Carlow town at the weekend.’
    • ‘Some boarding kennels now offer luxuries such as sofas and Jacuzzis.’
    • ‘Not enough, having then sidestepped her best attempts to hint that the dog needs a ‘home’ for the three weeks away, I then had to find her a boarding kennel.’
    • ‘Another tenant on the estate has recently acquired a permit to train racehorses on the farm, while another has abandoned a pig enterprise and developed high-quality canine boarding kennels.’
    • ‘I rang round all the vets in Lancashire, the local boarding kennels and the dog wardens.’
    • ‘We've got a new business pack from the bank and will still be looking into our dream of running our own boarding kennels but for the time being, we think we would need a lottery win to get that one off the ground at the moment.’
    • ‘But he urged pet owners to continue to walk healthy dogs, visit dog runs, use boarding kennels and otherwise let animals congregate.’
    • ‘If you have not yet booked your pet into a boarding kennel or found a reliable house sitter, it may be too late, he says.’
    • ‘Use a boarding kennel you are familiar with.’
    • ‘When that's not possible, make sure the boarding kennel you choose has strict requirements about vaccinations and a disinfection protocol that will minimize the spread of disease.’
    • ‘New boarding kennels have just opened and are less than a ten minutes drive from Portlaoise.’


boarding kennel