Definition of board shorts in English:

board shorts

plural noun

  • Long shorts of a kind originally worn by surfers.

    • ‘Ok, so I didn't expect him to come to the beach in a suit or some kind of formal wear, so I guess his attire of board shorts, white tank top and thongs didn't count.’
    • ‘She peers over her sunglasses to see Taylor and Alex walk directly passed her, wearing board shorts and carrying surfboards at their sides.’
    • ‘Baggy board shorts are both practical and fun and come with a funky surf-style tie in a range of colourful prints.’
    • ‘Casey rolled her eyes and sat at the side of the pool, wearing her plain costume under board shorts and a rash shirt.’
    • ‘One of the girls, in a black bikini top and board shorts, tossed her dreadlocks over her shoulders and grinned back.’
    • ‘The waterproof windbreaker, board shorts and salt air made me feel pretty sporty.’
    • ‘I usually wear tankinis or bikini tops with a skirt or board shorts.’
    • ‘He was shirtless and wearing board shorts and sandals.’
    • ‘I bought some shirts and board shorts and went into a gift shop where I bought Lily a box made out of shells and matching toe rings for us.’
    • ‘Bring a classic longboard skate and a wear a faded authentic Hawaiian shirt and shredded cargo shorts or board shorts.’
    • ‘I was already wearing the board shorts I customarily swam in, with a light shirt covering my torso.’
    • ‘He and his dad were dressed alike - board shorts and a surfing company T - shirt.’
    • ‘I changed into my bathing suit and board shorts (I didn't like showing my legs) and headed down.’
    • ‘I settled for a black sleeveless shirt and streaked violet board shorts.’
    • ‘I slipped my pajama pants off and pulled my board shorts on.’
    • ‘Alas, after a while, the sight of board shorts, singlets, jandals and sunglasses will make you wince.’
    • ‘The final will be judged in three categories - board shorts, sportswear and speedos.’
    • ‘High noon, with the sun blazing down, found two people walking the streets wearing white tank tops and cream board shorts.’
    • ‘He said the man was wearing off-white board shorts, no shirt and had a shaved head.’
    • ‘She actually had the gall to wear board shorts instead of the bikini standard at the time, and influenced an entire generation of wahine surfers.’