Definition of board foot in English:

board foot


  • A unit of volume for timber equal to 144 cu. inches.

    • ‘Everything is computerized with full optimization for cubic metres or board feet.’
    • ‘They quickly cobbled together what would be billed as the largest timber sale in US history, offering at a bargain rate more than 190 million board feet of timber from 46,000 acres of forest.’
    • ‘Currently, Western walnut sells for $5 to $20 a board foot.’
    • ‘At least two cars containing 75,000 board feet of timber derailed, dumping out much of the contents.’
    • ‘The plan allows logging up to 1.1 billion board feet per year, about one fourth the annual average cut in the 1980's, and it allows harvesting of 20% of the remaining old-growth timber.’
    • ‘By 1900, half of the original forest cover in the United States had been eliminated, and logging peaked in 1906 at 46 billion board feet.’
    • ‘When one considers that every board foot of lumber used to fabricate a building's finish had first to be dressed using one or more planes from this group of tools, it is no wonder that so few have survived.’
    • ‘Between 1879 and 1912, loggers cut 20 billion board feet of timber in West Virginia, leveling 85 percent of the state's 10 million acres of forest.’
    • ‘As a result of the activists' findings, logging plans for some old-growth areas have been dropped, and the volume of trees to be logged has shrunk from 16 million board feet to around 5 million.’
    • ‘Annual sales of some 7 billion board feet of this wood created a U.S. industry worth $4 billion per year.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth century, its forests were logged recklessly, as billions of board feet of white pine were cut down and transported in local rivers to sawmills and to Great Lakes ports.’
    • ‘It remains one of our most valuable tree species, based on price per board foot.’
    • ‘A new round of logging is being planned on Kosciusko Island, one that calls for more than five miles of permanent roads and a target of 26 million board feet of timber, enough to build 1,980 houses.’
    • ‘The industry doesn't need new roads because it can access 10 billion board feet of standing timber from the forest's existing road system.’
    • ‘I'm offering thirty-five hundred per fifty unit, fifty thousand board feet in other words.’
    • ‘This is the equivalent of over 45 billion board feet of timber, nearly half of all wood consumed in the United States each year, and 15 times the amount of timber cut from national forests annually.’
    • ‘Between 1880 and 1920 alone, more than 2 billion board feet of white pine were shipped out of northern Minnesota to build the towns and cities of the growing nation.’
    • ‘Stands of 50,000 or more board feet per acre are considered high volume and rare, comprising less than 2 percent of the Tongass timberlands.’
    • ‘By U.S. measures, this works out to 26 board feet for a penny.’
    • ‘More than 4 million board feet of certified timber, 90 million boxes of certified bananas, and 30,000 metric tons of sustainable coffee are expected to be sold through valuable sourcing contracts provided to local operations.’