Definition of boar in English:



  • 1A tusked Eurasian wild pig from which domestic pigs are descended, exterminated in Britain in the 17th century.

    • ‘The government has also released deer, wild boars, pigs and goats into the park as food for the 33 known leopards there.’
    • ‘We're on the edge of a national park and the landscape and wildlife is spectacular, including wild boar, deer and even wolves.’
    • ‘Wolf, roe deer and wild boar roam these mountains and in the spring the capercaillie, king of the forest, screams his mating call.’
    • ‘Deer, hounds, wild boar, foxes and rabbits chase each other around the frieze in a stunning display of intricate carving.’
    • ‘It has now become a major attraction for wild elephants, bison, hyena and boars.’
    • ‘They are home to many smaller wildlife like jackals, hares, snakes, wild boar, pangolin and countless species of birds.’
    • ‘The reserve is home to not only goats, red deer, and boars but also brown bears, chamois, lynx, roe deer, and wolves, as well as numerous eagles and large vultures called lammergeiers.’
    • ‘On the roof of the cave deft hands had painted bison, elk, horses and wild boars.’
    • ‘Armed guards are required to protect them from the cheetahs, boar and elephants that roam the lower levels and a 60 per cent reduction in oxygen at the top means a risk of lung difficulties.’
    • ‘Many of the wild domestic dogs in Australia are mixed European domestics and so-called pig dogs, which are bred to hunt wild boars.’
    • ‘The coolest webcam of the season doesn't feature birds at all, but rather wild boars.’
    • ‘It is noted that there I am referring to domestic pigs, not wild boars.’
    • ‘He tracked roe deer and wild boar, and found wolves and lynx doing the same.’
    • ‘Hunters, in organised groups of three to four people, will be allowed to shoot mouflons, wild boars, roes, red deer and fallow deer at Christmas.’
    • ‘Call 'em hogs, wild boars, feral pigs, whatever you choose, these porkers are second only in popularity to deer hunting for those who prefer to hunt with a handgun.’
    • ‘Today's feral hog population is a hybrid of domestic pigs and Eurasian wild boars brought to North America in the early 1900s for food and sport.’
    • ‘Giant crowned pigeons, small wallaby kangaroos, cassowary birds, tree kangaroos, and wild boars are abundant within an hour's walk of the village.’
    • ‘By the 16th century the British wild boar had become rare, and pigs, specially fattened on whey, were used instead.’
    • ‘The other wild attractions in the park include nilgai, chausingha, chital, chinkara, wild boar, foxes and jackals.’
    • ‘They also found bones from cattle, wild boar, deer, fish, and heron.’
    hog, sow, porker, swine, piglet
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    1. 1.1mass noun The flesh of the wild boar as food.
      • ‘Fuller pinot styles go well with poached or grilled salmon, foie gras, charcuterie, rabbit, hare, boar and ham.’
      • ‘These same beers are also good accompaniments to wild boar and to sausages made with wild boar.’
      • ‘We've had our starter of cold boar and I'm munching on Sarti's excellent Pizza Bianca while Scott's eating something else.’
      • ‘The fact that she consumed wild boar and dried elk in Estonia doesn't surprise me in the least.’
      • ‘There is a seemingly limitless choice of the world's finest products as obscure and delicious as free-range acorn-fed Portuguese black boar.’
      • ‘A boar chop offered on the nightly specials board was also expertly cooked, and its cargo of mushrooms and balsamic sauce surprised with just a trace of sweetness.’
      • ‘They had to swear over this bloody slice of boar's flesh that they would obey the rules of the game and use no unfair means to gain victory.’
      • ‘Probably best known for smoked salmon, the two Mackenzies smoke houses also produce smoked prawns, kippers and other sea food and meat including poultry, ostrich and boar.’
      • ‘Typical fare on offer includes dishes made from fish, duck, game and boar.’
      • ‘After some wait, the perfectly prepared little boar was put before him, and he said his stomach smiled while he began to cry… cry because it was so good, yet so small, he knew it would be over soon.’
      • ‘Burgundy's pinot noir is regularly drunk with game birds, wild fowl and boar.’
      • ‘The meat eaters among you should be delighted to learn that the Saint George will be serving rabbit, boar and venison during the game season.’
      • ‘In addition to deer, chital and wild boar, domestic cattle are now an important item on the tiger's menu in several areas.’
      • ‘Raven scowled and tried to shove him back, but he easily climbed over her hand and swallowed a chunk of boar.’
      • ‘So you have the most fancy food in the restaurants for non vegetarians and that includes wild boars, buffaloes, wild pigs etc…’
      • ‘The menu is a carnivore's paradise with novelties including venison, wild boar, ostrich, springbok, zebra, kangaroo and shark.’
      • ‘At the Ancient Olympics, contestants were obliged to swear an oath on a slice of boar's meat that they had not employed magic to enhance their performances.’
      • ‘In my survey, I argue that the association of the bronze tripod with cooking game such as venison and boar was restricted to elite hunting groups who took their feasting equipment with them to their graves.’
      • ‘The smell of roasting boar meat quickened my hunger.’
      • ‘Options range from beef, ostrich and chicken patties, to combos like boar and brie, beef and merguez, or venison and goat cheese.’
  • 2An uncastrated domestic male pig.

    • ‘You see, a Bulgarian farmer had bought a prizewinning boar for breeding purposes, but discovered it would only socialise with other male pigs.’
    • ‘But the boar had hardly mounted the sow when the neighbour ran into the pen and knocked the boar off the sow with his cap.’
    • ‘Owners of rare breeds, especially pigs, have been hard hit, as movement restrictions make it difficult and costly to move sows to boars for service - if they can be moved at all.’
    • ‘Pedigree sows and boars are retained for breeding while their offspring join the food chain in keeping with the trust's motto Eat them to keep them.’
    • ‘Selection of boars with initially correct skeletal structure will help to ensure their longevity.’
    • ‘The boar went berserk after being separated from its sow and spying a rival male boar in a nearby pen.’
    • ‘Wilbur, a behemoth boar who can't stand fences - and hasn't met one that could stop him - is spared from the breakfast plate for sentimental reasons.’
    • ‘Increased boar usage generally does not result in increased sperm production.’
    • ‘Adults are at their lowest weight in the spring as territorial behaviour by the boars and suckling by the sows will have reduced their stored fat to a minimum.’
    • ‘A 35-foot by 85-foot hoop building houses boars and the sows from weaning through midterm gestation.’
    • ‘Improvements in daily gain, feed efficiency, loin-eye area, and lower backfats occur when boars are provided the dietary protein concentration that meets their requirement.’
    • ‘Boars used in pen-mating situations need to be heavier than boars used for hand mating or for artificial insemination.’
    • ‘In boars, pheromones found in boar saliva are known to cause the female to assume a mating position.’
    • ‘By 1860 imported boars and improved husbandry yielded a hog notably superior to that of the 1820s and '30s.’
    • ‘This situation may be worsened upon weaning or when sows are grouped together or mated to a large boar.’
    • ‘The first important finding was that Meishan boars have five to seven times more FSH in their blood than U.S. boars have, but their testes were 40 percent smaller than those of U.S. boars.’
    • ‘But he gave the boar a quick checkup and ruled the porker perfectly fine for consumption - or cohabitation.’
    • ‘High-quality semen can be purchased without the investment in and expenses associated with owning a boar.’
    • ‘On the contrary, the best-known stockbreeder of the eighteenth century made a point of obscuring the descent of his prized bulls, rams, boars, and stallions.’
    • ‘And a rusa, a lewdly mischievous pantomime horse galloped the streets to bring virility to the farmers' stallions, bulls, rams and boars.’
    1. 2.1 The full-grown male of certain other animals, especially a badger, guinea pig, or hedgehog.
      • ‘The boar goat section, new to the show last year, will return, along with the live steer competition, sheep, poultry and wool categories.’
      • ‘When getting a boar ready for a show the other area that might well need special cleaning is his grease spot, which is found at the base of the spine and tends to be greaser than the rest of the coat.’
      • ‘However, before Jake and Squeekie's story, there is much to consider before any guinea pig owner decides to have their boar neutered.’


Old English bār, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch beer and German Bär.