Definition of boab in English:



  • another term for baobab
    • ‘An inconspicuous cleft within steep red cliffs marks its entrance; the cliffs themselves rise abruptly from a wide, dry plain, dotted with ancient boab trees.’
    • ‘They're so inventive and tempting that with our last lunch one of my companions sighs happily, ‘Arrive like a willow, leave like a boab.’’
    • ‘In addition, those strange looking boab trees, tall livistona palms, beautiful water lilies, colourful kapok bushes and kurrajong trees are all special sights across this unique landscape.’
    • ‘He's surprised to hear that it didn't come from a fancy business plan, but rather it was an expansion of growing boabs for her own use.’
    • ‘We set up under of a large boab tree - an icon of this part of Northern Australian - its spindly expressive branches curling over our tents from a chunky grey trunk.’