Definition of blusterous in English:



  • 1Characterized by strong winds; stormy.

    ‘the weather turned wintry and blusterous’
    • ‘On May 21, 1804, under a threatening sky, blusterous winds, and later, hard rain, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and 43 men left the town of St. Charles, Missouri on the north bank of the Missouri River.’
    • ‘Blusterous conditions played their part from the kick-off.’
    • ‘We met at Prefab, on a cold, blusterous winter's day, over steaming bowls of excellent chowder and chunks of crusty bread.’
    • ‘As I recall, it was a blusterous day.’
    • ‘Truly a blusterous day.’
    • ‘True to form, just as we're waiting for a couple of dry, still days so we can do the outside paintwork, the weather today turned wet, wintry and exceeding blusterous.’
    • ‘Meteorology and topography conspire to paint blusterous murals and apocalyptic tableaux.’
  • 2Loud and aggressive.

    ‘a blusterous speech’
    • ‘He would prefer to have a blusterous president rather than a more moderate face.’
    • ‘Luke pressed on, his blusterous form gone and his face ashen.’
    • ‘It seems too intellectual to keep up any blusterous pretense to the contrary.’
    • ‘It speaks volumes when Smith, often criticized for his blusterous behavior, is the voice of reason.’
    • ‘The NFL's most blusterous coach, Rex Ryan, has been conspicuously silent since the Jets' brutal season ended.’
    • ‘"“What I have said and written would be enough for hundreds of dissertations, and to become an academician of the Academy of Sciences twice," said the blusterous leader.’