Definition of blusher in English:



  • 1British mass noun A cosmetic of a powder or cream consistency used to give a warm colour to the cheeks.

    • ‘I added blusher and eyeshadow.’
    • ‘We can give them rhinestones or glitter on the nails, or make-up, which is blusher, eyes and lips.’
    • ‘Make-up is simple - lip gloss, mascara and blusher - but my hair is unruly, so I'm in and out of the hairdressers more times than enough.’
    • ‘She applied eye shadow, mascara, a little bit of blusher, and strawberry lip-gloss to finish the look.’
    • ‘After applying a light foundation all over the face, smudge a little cream or gel blusher over the cheekbone with a brush or finger.’
    • ‘I'd just done it myself - some concealer, tinted moisturiser, blusher, mascara and that was it.’
    • ‘The range of natural make-up includes mascara, lip liner, eye shadow and blusher, as well as cosmetic brushes.’
    • ‘I just knew the five most basic things - compact powder, eye shadow, blusher, eyeliner and lipstick.’
    • ‘Older women tend to over-compensate by putting on too much foundation, blusher and powder.’
    • ‘There were tubes of mascara, eyeliner, different shades of eye shadow, blusher and dozens and dozens of lip gloss.’
    • ‘One of the quickest and most effective ways to give glitz to your looks is to add blusher to your make-up routine.’
    • ‘‘When I do a competition I wear foundation, blusher, lipstick and mascara,’ she said.’
    • ‘One thug is bound and dressed in lingerie, lipstick and blusher.’
    • ‘From this distance it was impossible to tell whether it was blusher or that colouring that seems to come with a life in the country.’
    • ‘She had just been on holiday so I didn't want to use too much foundation, I mainly used some blusher on her cheeks.’
    • ‘He recommends a wax or cream formulation for eye pencil, lipstick and cream blusher on the beach.’
    • ‘I dusted some blusher onto my cheeks and ran a comb through my hair.’
    • ‘Although I don't wear a huge amount, you'll never see me without blusher and lip-gloss.’
    • ‘She advised Jane to go for a lighter foundation and add colour by using blusher.’
    • ‘They also seem to lose all sense of colour as the make up goes on… bright pink lipstick, blue eye shadow and mascara, oodles of blusher and funny coloured hair.’
    cosmetics, greasepaint
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  • 2A toadstool with a buff cap bearing fluffy white spots and with white flesh that turns pink when bruised or cut, found in woodland in Eurasia and North America.

    Amanita rubescens, family Amanitaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    • ‘All the same you should get expert identification before sampling them - one of the only two deadly toadstools in this country looks almost identical to the 'Blusher', which is a delicious edible variety.’
    • ‘Know your blusher from your stinkhorn and a tasty dinner from certain death!’
    • ‘The main edible species of the genus are the blusher, grisette, and orange.’
    • ‘The fly agaric, the caesar’s mushroom and the blusher are in many regions widely known.’