Definition of blush-making in English:



  • Causing embarrassment; embarrassing.

    ‘he has written a blush-making appreciation of me’
    • ‘The comedian can usually be counted on for at least one blush-making quote.’
    • ‘He has written a blush-making appreciation of his visit to me.’
    • ‘There are a whole range of therapists who will dose you with mind-numbing pills or involve you in blush-making adult play groups.’
    • ‘Captain Lane kept looking at me sidelong, in a blush-making way that I didn't mind at all.’
    • ‘How perfectly blush-making of me to have forgotten.’
    • ‘For all her blush-making baby-talk, she emerges as a formidable figure who put up with her husband's flirtations and possible infidelities with dignity.’
    • ‘Our own delegation, by contrast, is a blush-making collection of hacks and fanatics with no bona fides in women's rights or international development.’
    • ‘I have, like everyone else, a few blush-making things on my conscience.’
    shaming, shameful, humiliating, mortifying, demeaning, degrading, ignominious
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