Definition of Blundstones in English:


plural noun

  • A type of stout leather boot with elasticated panels at the ankles.

    ‘the only blokes wearing singlets and Blundstones these days are wannabe actors’
    • ‘Her Blundstones rock back and forth on the coffee table, splinters of dirt breaking free from the sole.’
    • ‘To attain an equal footing with the heterosexual model, one gay partner's collection of brogues and Blundstones will need to be greater by a factor of forty.’
    • ‘Today she is resolutely dressed in camouflage jeans and jacket and Blundstones.’
    • ‘At 79, he might also have been wise enough to suppose that the troops at News Corp would kick him back with their steel-cap Blundstones.’
    • ‘The video is complete with backyard cricket and a pair of blundstones.’
    • ‘She remembers standing in her Blundstones in front of the student housing officer.’
    • ‘In Europe Blundstones are a quite a colourful affair with boots featuring bright reds, blues, yellows and greens.’
    • ‘I looked down and compared them to my shiny, new $70 Blundstones.’
    • ‘And so it's Good Night from me as I turn into a pumpkin with Blundstones instead of glass slippers.’
    • ‘A girl in Blundstones shows how it's done, then hands out goggles, warning the kids to be careful.’