Definition of blunderingly in English:



  • See blunder

    • ‘The actress was particularly good as the neurotic detective sergeant who keeps asking blunderingly inappropriate questions of interviewees, antagonising them seemingly just for the hell of it.’
    • ‘He blunderingly said it was all his fault, "though he didn't mean no harm," and then suggested that the flag and music should be left there in charge of some of the boys, which was approved.’
    • ‘Well, why give yourself the necessary time to grieve and recover, when you can blunderingly plead for their return any time you wish, via a few attenuated syllables?’
    • ‘‘Here,’ she said blunderingly handing Dustin his pitiful excuse for a suitcase, ‘use this.’’
    • ‘As I’ve blunderingly said for a long time now, I’ve known that I plan to spend my life with Elizabeth.’