Definition of bluffness in English:



  • See bluff

    • ‘It was a boisterous encounter, with the Senator alternating between his beaming bluffness and peevish refusal to address the man by name, referring to him as ‘this gentleman here’.’
    • ‘His eccentricities included a penchant for gigantic pith helmets and a bluffness of expression that bordered on the Python-esque.’
    • ‘He was no fan of the writer, perhaps in part because he saw in him an image of his own romantic emotivism and self-conscious idiosyncratic bluffness.’
    • ‘The song arouses even the lethargic Toby, reminding him of love and silently exposing what blocks it - his class-based pride, his manly English bluffness, and his dependence on Maria and his anger at being dependent on her.’
    • ‘‘We have to win,’ the Scotland coach affirms with a bluffness which only Australians can pull off.’