Definition of bluffly in English:



  • See bluff

    • ‘She was nagging me for the final chapter, and I was bluffly maintaining that all was well, that everything was on course… but it wasn't.’
    • ‘Then, to the surgeons surrounding him, he said bluffly, ‘If I'd gotten this much attention in Hollywood, I would never have left.’’
    • ‘Equally, the British top brass fit their accepted celluloid type, being bluffly nonchalant in the face of a crisis and arrogantly dismissive of the idea that anybody of proper schooling could possibly commit treachery against their country.’
    • ‘The head surgeon jokes bluffly, and a few people chuff or make the facsimile of laughter, to appease him.’
    • ‘The group is fronted by a man who makes bluffly disparaging comments about ‘teenage rebellion’ and ‘plastic palm trees'.’