Definition of bluffer in English:



  • See bluff

    • ‘To me he is false, a bluffer, a hypocrite, a sectarian, a coward and an opportunist.’
    • ‘On the whole, though, this is either a specialist release for real dancehall heads or a bluffer's guide for those wanting to get into the scene.’
    • ‘I knew it, just as I had known it a thousand times at the poker table, facing a thousand other bluffers.’
    • ‘You will also know, as any runner does, that the session has to be completed and, unlike the bluffers who make up the ranks of the political intelligentsia, you do something on a daily basis that is objectively measured.’
    • ‘Never mind, now you can hold your own in scholarly conversation by using this handy bluffer's guide to one of the world's toughest novels.’