Definition of blueschist in English:



mass noun
  • A metamorphic rock with a blue colour, formed under conditions of high pressure and low temperature.

    • ‘Specific rock names that record both the parent rock and its mineralogy are relatively rare, but include eclogite, blueschist, and amphibolite.’
    • ‘The Ãine and Bozdag nappes belong to the lowest tectonic unit of western Turkey, which was overthrust by the Cycladic blueschist along the CycladesMenderes thrust unit in the Eocene.’
    • ‘Possible Western Domain equivalents elsewhere in the Antarctic Peninsula are the amphibolite and blueschist grade rocks of the Scotia metamorphic complex in the South Shetland and South Orkney Islands.’
    • ‘The Mid-Devonian age for eclogite-facies metamorphism in the Maksyutov Complex, and the younger Carboniferous blueschist / greenschist-facies ages, can be interpreted best within the framework of southern Uralide tectonics.’
    • ‘The sequence shows retrogression from blueschist to greenschist facies metamorphism during deformation.’