Definition of bluenosed in English:



  • See bluenose

    bluenose (sense 1)
    • ‘In bluenosed Boston, he had a hard time getting comedy work because of the edginess of his act.’
    • ‘I don't particularly like either, because they're the kind of words that make you sound like some bluenosed prude.’
    • ‘Public intoxication is one of those little laws that might seem petty and bluenosed to many of you, but there is a reason that those laws are on the books, and it isn't because of drunk driving.’
    • ‘Clothing-free resorts have traditionally been rustic, mom-and-pop campgrounds hidden deep in the woods, away from prying eyes and bluenosed politicians.’
    • ‘This sort of bluenosed fatuity makes me weary, because it often comes from people who have never troubled to study just what it is they condemn.’